Project Description

  • Details: Oriental techniques, sensitivity, arousal, essential oils, background music, body to body, 30M tantric positions, interactive

  • Special promotion: 20% off 70′ massages


40 minutes

180€ (One masseuse)

240€ (Two masseuses)

70 minutes

300€ (One masseuse)

400€ (Two masseuses)


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Couples who want to experience the Vip Palace tantric massage can do it with one of the masseuses we have in our erotic massage centre for couples, who have the most intense and pleasurable oriental techniques so that the massage you are going to receive is the most pleasurable and stimulating experience you can enjoy in a long time.

You should know that the erotic massages for couples Vip Palace are performed all over the body, from the head, massaging the temples and hair to the feet, passing of course through other parts of your body so that you can feel the passion and eroticism with which the masseuse will touch your bodies, knowing that she will do this both with her hands and with her own body, feeling her breasts on your skin, with essential oils that will make the multi-sensory experience flow better.

People who enjoy for the first time the erotic massage as a couple in our facilities and who enjoy the Vip Palace mode assure us once they leave the session that they have never had such a good time and above all, that they have never experienced as much pleasure as they have enjoyed at the hands of our erotic masseuses, and all thanks to oriental techniques that manage to activate the pleasure points, unblocking them and releasing the energies that were retained by stress or tension.

If you want to enjoy a very complete experience, since you will have 30 minutes of tantric postures in addition to a maximum interactive pleasure, we recommend you to contact us to live the best erotic massage in couple of your life, since with the excitement that you will live and the atmosphere that we promote in our facilities, with relaxing and very sensual music, the application of essential oils and masseuses who know very well what they do, you will enjoy as never before.


  • We perform massages for couples in hotels in the Madrid area. If you are not in the centre and you wish to enjoy our massages, you will only have to add the taxi fare to the price of the massage.
  • You can also extend the time of your massage to enjoy this great pleasure for longer, find out more.
  • We perform the best erotic massages in Madrid for men, women and couples.