Project Description

  • Details: Sensitive massage, hydrated body, sensitivity, arousal, essential oils, ambient music, passive massage, stimulation of erogenous zones.


30 minutes

75€ (One masseuse)

100€ (Two masseuses)

60 minutes

120€ (One masseuse)

160€ (Two masseuses)


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The Sensitive Palace erotic massage for couples is designed for those who want a full erotic massage, but with much more sensitive, more relaxed massages and in which the connection between the masseuse and the couple is more relaxed, ideal for those who are new to this practice and want to try and gradually discover their sexuality and arousal through erotic massages.

In Sensitive Palace massages for couples, what is achieved is to experience tantric techniques that make the body feel the stimulation from less to more, so that, once it reaches its highest level of pleasure, it can stay in this position for much longer, making the sensation of enjoyment last longer. One of the benefits of the sensitive erotic massage for couples is that it has different techniques and movements by the masseuse to stimulate your erogenous zone to perfection, so that a simple touch of her hands will make you get excited and drive you crazy with pleasure. In addition to the use of her hands, the erotic masseuse will use her body and essential oils to give a more pleasurable erotic massage for couples in which together you will live a multi-sensory experience thanks to this stimulation, but also to the ambient music, the warm light and the fragrances of the oils and candles, making this experience unforgettable.

In our erotic massage centre for couples you will be able to enjoy the Sensitive Palace, a massage that, as we have indicated, will introduce you to the most enjoyable and sensitive pleasure of all, knowing that it is a service in which the couple will be passive, being the masseuse the only one who will massage the bodies slowly to achieve full stimulation.


  • We perform massages for couples in hotels in the Madrid area. If you are not in the centre and you wish to enjoy our massages, you will only have to add the taxi fare to the price of the massage.

  • You can also extend the time of your massage to enjoy this great pleasure for longer, find out more.

  • We perform the best erotic massages in Madrid for men, women and couples.