• We have rooms with spa and hydromassage.

  • All our rooms have en-suite showers.

  • Reception area with a friendly and discreet personalised service at all times.

  • Wifi connection.

  • Easy parking in the vicinity, very well communicated and discreet at the same time.

Erotic massage centre for couples

In our erotic couple massage centre you will have the opportunity to relax and live a very pleasant adventure with your partner in which passion, eroticism and sexuality go hand in hand to give you an experience that you had never imagined, since the levels of excitement, enjoyment and fun will be very high and all thanks to the couple massages that our masseuses will provide you.

The erotic couples massage centre that we have to offer is adapted so that you can enjoy to the maximum with your partner, making it an experience that you will never forget and that will make your erotic dreams of receiving a massage that will take you to the most intense orgasm of your lives come true. The facilities we have for you are very welcoming, making you feel at home as soon as you enter, as it has all kinds of details to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

One of the qualities you will appreciate about our couple’s massage centre is that many of the rooms have a spa and hydromassage so that you can relax before the massage, not only with your partner, getting intimate and caressing each other, but you can also enjoy the erotic masseuse, if you have chosen from our massage menu those that include this possibility. If you do not wish to request a hydromassage, you should know that all the rooms will offer built-in showers, making our erotic massage centre for couples perfect for relaxing even before you receive the massage from one of the masseuses we have for you.

As soon as you enter you will find a reception area where we will attend you with the utmost kindness and discretion, so that your encounter is as peaceful and private as ever, always in a personalised way so that you do not meet other clients, being able, while you are waiting, to connect via Wi-Fi without any problems.

If you want to enjoy the services of our couple’s massage centre, you can do so without parking problems, as there are many parking areas in the surrounding area, so you won’t have to walk too far to come and enjoy a multi-sensory experience with your partner. An adventure that you will always remember and that you will surely want to experience again in the future.