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30 minutes

90€ (One masseuse)

120€ (Two masseuses)

60 minutes

270€ (One masseuse)

360€ (Two masseuses)


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In our erotic massage centre for couples, lovers of chocolate and carnal pleasure will find the perfect erotic massage for them, as we have a Body Chocolat massage mode in which chocolate will be present throughout the session, achieving extreme sensuality together with the pleasure and aphrodisiac properties of this tasty ingredient.

In this massage that we present you will achieve to mix not only the sensuality and lust of an erotic massage as a couple, but also the morbid and eroticism thanks to the fact that our masseuses know how to perform very well this type of techniques in which chocolate is present at all times. You will feel how your body is being covered by a delicious chocolate that you will be able to taste so that besides being erotic, it will also be fun and delicious, as reaching maximum pleasure can be achieved in many different ways and this is one of the most original and delicious ways that you will be able to enjoy.

As the Body Chocolat erotic massage for couples has an aphrodisiac potential, you will increase your vigour, increasing arousal and stimulation as you can enjoy a body-to-body massage in which the chocolate slowly runs through your body and stimulates your skin. To book this exclusive massage, we recommend that you contact us, as it will be an experience that you will not forget and above all, it is something very new and stimulating as you will mix a delicious element such as chocolate along with erotic massages that will give you one of the best orgasms of your life. As with the rest of the massages that you can enjoy from our menu, you will be able to choose the erotic masseuse that you wish to perform for you these techniques in which chocolate plays such an important role.


  • We perform massages for couples in hotels in the Madrid area. If you are not in the centre and you wish to enjoy our massages, you will only have to add the taxi fare to the price of the massage.

  • You can also extend the time of your massage to enjoy this great pleasure for longer, find out more.

  • We perform the best erotic massages in Madrid for men, women and couples.