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  • Details: Couples massage, tantric techniques, one or several masseuses, erotic fantasy, extremely exciting.


Depending on the massage, number of masseuses and time chosen.


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As you can imagine, erotic massages for couples are our specialty, getting both of you to fully enjoy an unprecedented sexual experience in which you will feel how your bodies are stimulated with the help of the hands or bodies of our professional erotic masseuses, achieving that little by little the excitement grows in your bodies until you achieve, after experiencing a peak of unparalleled pleasure, a climax that makes you get rid of all the tension that you have been carrying for so long.

One of the advantages that you will find in our centre of erotic massages for couples is that you will not only be able to enjoy a modality, but thanks to the expertise of our masseuses you can have a wide range of massages to choose from, being very varied among them, for example highlight the nuru massages in which you have the possibility of showering with the masseuse you choose from our team, but also others more fun like the Body Chocolat or more exciting like the Extreme Palace or even the four hands, in which you will have a masseuse for each member of the couple so that you can enjoy at the same time the sensuality and passion of our girls.

To hire the services of our erotic masseuses the only thing you have to do is to contact us and we will explain any questions you have, as we will also tell you the different possibilities you have to enjoy an erotic massage as you had never imagined, since you can choose the masseuse that you like, as well as the type of massage, having a very cozy and above all private facilities, so you can unleash your sexuality without anyone knowing anything. Once you have experienced a sensitive massage as a couple, we are sure that your relationship will not be the same as you will feel a maximum pleasure that you will be able to put into practice in your intimacy.


  • We perform massages for couples in hotels in the Madrid area. If you are not in the centre and you wish to enjoy our massages, you will only have to add the taxi fare to the price of the massage.

  • You can also extend the time of your massage to enjoy this great pleasure for longer, find out more.

  • We perform the best erotic massages in Madrid for men, women and couples.