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  • Details: Four hands massage, eroticism, sensuality, body to body


Depending on the massage, number of masseuses and time chosen.


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One of the most erotic and sensual massages we have in our erotic massage centre for couples is the Duo Palace, in which you choose two of the masseuses we have in our professional team and they will give you a unique and very pleasurable experience, since they will achieve that, by means of Thai and other oriental techniques, you manage to overcome the peak of pleasure that you have previously enjoyed, achieving an extreme excitement thanks to some movements on your body that will make you feel that you are in the seventh heaven.

If one of our erotic masseuses is able to make you reach an unimaginable pleasure, imagine what two of them can do, which have an experience and sensuality that will transport you to another place with their hands and their bodies rubbing your skin and your erogenous zones so that you get an orgasm like you have never experienced before. With this erotic massage for couples that we offer you in our facilities you will know what sensuality and excitement is while you feel several hands on your body, noticing how the bodies come together to perform one of the most intense and sensual massages that you have been able to experience in a long time.

In this type of erotic couple massages the body is moisturized with special essential oils that make the skin more receptive and feel much more any stimulus, so that with a simple touch of our masseuses you will feel that your body will vibrate with pleasure to unimaginable extremes. This type of massage makes the level of pleasure as high as possible, but through the tantric techniques that our masseuses know to perfection, you will be able to maintain this pleasure at the highest level until, when they see fit, you reach the climax with an incredible intensity and duration, so much so that you will feel that your body has taken a weight off your shoulders, feeling lighter and happier.


  • We perform massages for couples in hotels in the Madrid area. If you are not in the centre and you wish to enjoy our massages, you will only have to add the taxi fare to the price of the massage.

  • You can also extend the time of your massage to enjoy this great pleasure for longer, find out more.

  • We perform the best erotic massages in Madrid for men, women and couples.